About Us

Global Child Care Training Institute believes as stated by Maryland State Department of Education that goals for pre-service training, core of knowledge, and/or continued training is to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills of which are carefully designed.  We believe that a well-designed pre-service training experience will lay the groundwork for further in-service training. This in turn will help produce staff members who possess the knowledge and skills needed to excel leading to overall efficiency and happiness within their work environment.


Why Global Child Care Training Institute

Global Child Care Training programs can help Maryland’s licensed child care centers, pre-school, certified, and registered early childhood education professionals earn credit toward state licensing requirements. To earn credits, participants register to view specific programs, attend all of the programs classes, and complete coursework and activities.


What We Offer: Pre-Service Training

  • Child Growth and Development
  • Infant-Toddler Care and Development
  • Preschool Curriculum
  • School-Age Curriculum
  • Director (Administration)
  • 9-Hour Communication


Global Child Care Training Institute also offers training in areas of: Core of Knowledge and/or Continued Training

Core of knowledge and/or continued training is designed to ensure that Maryland’s childcare professionals are receiving ongoing in-service development in all content areas.  Global Child Care Training Institute is designed to meet the following Core of Knowledge areas by the state of Maryland in the following areas:

  • Child Development
  • Curriculum
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • Community
  • Professionalism
  • Special Needs

Global Child Care Training Institute offers high quality training and workshops by our well-qualified instructors and staff.  Our training will fulfill your childcare center with a highly skilled and specialized workforce that is supported by initial and on-going professional development.